As financial institutions and the commercial activities of enterprises are becoming increasingly global, there arises a need for solutions that make the entire transaction process easier and hassle free across geographies. However,businesses typically lack the technology and industry knowledge to develop these solutions, and in many cases need to focus valuable resources and expertise on

Payments in Pakistan

The bitter truth is simple: There aren’t any mobile payments in Pakistan. Period. I had to think long and hard on this one, just to be double-sure, and the answer is still just that. None. Call me a pompous ass, but as a resident outsider, with no vested interest, the viewpoint I have is very
LAHORE: Octo3, a Hong Kong-based financial technology company, has announced to move its entire Research and Development (R&D) wing to Pakistan. The company, which specialises in development and provision of modern payment and other transactional solutions, further announced that it will invest in the Pakistani market in order to transform its ICT landscape. The announcements were